Grounds & Parking

Gary Smorgon Oval

Main Ground - 1st and 2nd XI

Gary Smorgon Oval 9
Aughtie Drive, Albert Park
Victoria Australia (Melways 57K6)

Secondary Ground - 2nd and 3rd XI

Armstrong Oval 12
South end of Pit straight, Aughtie Drive, Albert Park
Victoria Australia (Melways 2K J12)

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Parking at Albert Park

Players have the option of paying to park casually each time they visit Albert Park, or they can purchase a parking permit (which covers the entire cricket season).

Once stamped, the form will need to be sent directly to Parks Victoria (with payment) by each individual.



Fawkner Park Grounds:

Please see the map below for information on Fawkner Park ground numbers:

Fawkner Park Grounds