Life Membership Policy

This Life Membership Policy was developed by the season 2010/11 club committee and ratified for use from 15th December 2010 onwards.

Life Membership Overview

Life Membership is an honour that is bestowed on members and servants of the Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club.

It reflects the gratitude that the club has for the service that the individual has given to the club over a lengthy period of time. It is the combination of service and longevity that are important.

1. Process of Life Membership

a) An existing financial member of the club should nominate the individual for life membership in writing to the club Secretary.
b) The nomination should include a reason why life membership is appropriate for the individual concerned.
c) Nominations for life membership can be received until December 31st for any given season.
d) Nominations will be discussed and considered by the committee at the first committee meeting after December 31.
e) If the minimum guidelines have been met and the nominee is an active member or servant of the club, the committee can discuss and decide (majority vote) whether to endorse the nomination within the current meeting.
f) If the minimum guidelines have been met but the individual is not active (i.e. retrospective nomination), a sub-committee of 3 or more members of the committee should be formed to interview past players & committee members from the era that the individual served the club to obtain testimonials verifying the claims made.
g) The sub-committee should report back at the next committee meeting, where the committee can discuss and decide (majority vote) whether to endorse the nomination.
h) Once the nomination is endorsed, arrangements can be made to invite the individual and their family and friends to the Annual Presentation where the endorsement can be announced to the greater membership of the club.

In regard to the 'minimum guidelines', this is a point that is addressed in the 'Key Selection Factors' below.

2. Key Selection Factors

The key selection factors should be as follows:

1. Length of membership (generally 10 years to qualify as a guideline)
2. Length of service to club (e.g. Committee member, Chairman of Selectors, Captain of the 1st XI, Canteen worker, Cleaner, Curator etc.)
3. Awards received
4. Conduct as a player (i.e. any disciplinary issues)