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MACC TEAMS - Dec 9/10

Posted: 08-Dec-2017 by Cricket Senior

Teams Round 10

*All players MUST get to their grounds at least an hour before play or at the time stated by their captain.

*All players MUST come to the game in their new training gear and wear the new playing shirts for the match. Please contact Ian Ludski (0401-178-817) if you have not recieved your uniform yet.

1st XI vs Monash Tigers @ Albert Park Oval 9, 12:30pm start Sunday, be there 11:30am
M Rosenbaum
M Soffer (c)
R Epstein
B Machlin
Ja Jones
C Gross
S Rosenbaum
J Goldsmith
Jo Jones
L Rosenbaum (+)
A Werdiger

2nd XI vs Melbourne Falcons @ Albert Park Oval 9, 12:30pm start Saturday, be there 11:30am
S Lustig (c) (+)
J Tyler
C Gross
R Michelson
A Ostilly
K Nissenbaum
A La Sala
M Israel
S Rosen
B Melzak
L Hayman

3rd XI vs Parkville District @ Brens Oval, 12:30pm Sunday start, be there 11:30am
E Paneth 
I Jones (c)
A Back
B Paluch
Z Pollak
A Meyerowitz 
E Barr
N Moskow
D Distiller
D Guttmann (+)
G Meyerowitz 
J Baruch

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