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MACC TEAMS - Oct 7/8

Posted: 04-Oct-2017 by Cricket Senior

*Due to many grounds not being ready please check the MCA website for updates on play. Updates on play will also be provided by the club on social media and via a message from your captain. Expect and prepare to play, until notifed otherwise. 

*All players MUST get to their grounds at least an hour before play or at the time stated by their captain.

1st XI vs Clayton Navy T20 @ Fawkner Park 1, 3:30pm start, be there 2:30pm Sunday

Z Aron
N Paltiel
B Jones
B Gore
R Epstein
Jo Jones 
M Rosenbaum
L Rosenbaum
S Rosenbaum
Ja Jones
S Fisher

2nd XI vs Burnley CYMS, T20 @ Loughnan Oval, 3:30pm start, be there 2:30pm Saturday

S Lustig
M Soffer
J Goldsmith
C Gross
A Ostilly
A Back
Z Pollak
M Israel
B Epstein 
J Hyams
Z Garkawe

3rd XI vs Canterbury, T20 @ Elgar Park North West, 12:15pm start, be there 11:15am; Sunday

I Jones
S Brygel
Z Aflalo
P Lisovetsky
B Paluch
J Baruch
E Barr
D Distiller
N Moscow
A Esterman
A Stein
E Paneth

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